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Trekking in Uprising after earthquake

Nepal was struck by a catastrophic earthquake in 2015 which left thousand dead in its wake and caused a significant amount of change in its economy by affecting the country's tourism industry. Many historical sites which were culturally preserved and deemed important for tourism suffered major damages during the earthquake. Some of the historical monuments were forever lost as the damage caused to these buildings could not be repaired. The trekking industry in Nepal suffered equal amount of damage as many trekking destinations were completely destroyed.

Langtang national park was one of the most popular trekking regions in Nepal after The Annapurna and Everest regions. This changed considerably after the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on the 28th of April 2015. Langtang Valley is also considered to have been severely affected by the earthquake and to make things worse after the earthquake the already damaged village of Langtang was hit by an enormous landslide and got completely swept away. There were lots of speculations and rumors that after the disastrous earthquake that Langtang was closed for trekking. However, these rumors have been proved wrong as Langtang is open for trekking.

For the local people living in Langtang Valley, trekking is one of the biggest means to earn their livelihood. And the only way the valley can flourish is when more and more tourists come to the valley. Currently, the only option to touch the Langtang Valley is the old high path through the small village of Kangjim since the new path along the river got demolished by the earthquake.