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Tibet, 'top of the world' is the most astounding raised level on earth with the normal height of 4500m. It is a piece of Western China. Its southern fringe is lined by the world's tallest mountains, including Chomolungma or Mt. Everest.

Tibet is amazingly wealthy in history and culture. It is transcendently a Buddhist nation alongside Bon (pre-Buddhist) convention. The land is loaded up with old cloisters, chortens (stupa), grand royal residences. Similarly, most noteworthy lakes, streams, and uncommon untamed life. The greater part of the streams of South Asia including Brahmaputra, Sutlej, Indus, and Karnali has its source in Tibet. Particularly in Mt. Tise or Kailash. Tibet is no uncertainty viewed as the 'Water Tower of Asia.

The absolute most essential regular and man-influenced tourist spots of Tibet to incorporate Mt. Tise (Mt. Kailash), Quinghai Lake, Yamdrok Lake, and Lake Mansarovar. Seventeenth-century Potala Palace, eighth century Jokhang Temple, Ganden Monastery among others are other tourist spots.

One of the holiest place Lhasa lies in Tibet. It is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. It is home to the absolute most lovely and astonishing Buddhist cloisters. Royal residences including Potala castle, which has been a regulatory seat of the progressive Dalai Lamas for a few centuries. Jokhang arranged 2 Km east of Potala is a Tibetan otherworldly focus where local people regularly incessant to offer their love and supplications. There are additionally religious communities all over Lhasa. The imperative being the Gelugpa cloisters of Sera and Drepung which till today stay flawless.


  • Mt. Tise (Mt. Kailash)
  • Quinghai Lake
  • Yamdrok Lake

Places to visit

  • seventeenth century Potala Palace
  • eighth century Jokhang Temple
  • Ganden Monastery .
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