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Terms & Condition

1.       Introduction

1.1     These terms and conditions will cover the jurisdiction of this website.

1.2     When you use our website. You automatically accept our terms and conditions.

1.3     The legal age to use any of the services in this website is 18.

1.5     As per our cookies and privacy policy, using our website means accepting the cookies that comes with tit.
Copying, transmitting and stealing of the content is prohibited

2.       Copyright notice

2.1     We possess the copyright and other intellectual property rights of all the contents of our website. The
materials in this website are allowed for following use:

(a)     Pages viewing, reading and sharing with our brand and logo

(b)     Sharing on facebook, twitter, linkedin and other social media networking sites so long as our brand and
logo is visible

(c)     Sell or rent materials from our website

4.     Booking

4.1    You are required to deposit a minimum of 50% of the total amount for booking the program

4.2    You should provide us the electronic copies of your passport as well as recent photographs in order to
confirm the booking and to make necessary payments and arrangements.

4.3 We accept all credit cards including Master Card, Visa Card etc. Please note that there is certain service
fee taken by the banking. Alternatively we also accept payment in direct cash.

5.       Travel Insurance

5.1     You need to have an authentic, valid travel insurance covering all emergency costs including personal
accident, rescue in the mountains and medical expenses

5.2     It is advised that you get travel insurance from your own country and show that proof while booking

6.       Cancellation

6.1     We reserve the right to cancel any of our bookings. We will notify you of some changes prior to such action

6.2     You must inform us 30 days prior to the program date of your decision to cancel the trip. We will not
remain responsible for the cancellation charges, in case of failure to inform us. You may be allowed a
partial refund provided you made the cancellation as per the above condition.

a. For cancellation received 30 days prior to the program, 30% cancellation fees will be charged

b. For cancellation received 20 days prior to the program, 50% cancellation fees will be charged

c. For cancellation received 10 days prior to the program, 70% cancellation fees will be charged

d. For cancellation received less than 10 days prior to the program, no amount of deposit will be returned.

7.       Privacy Policy

7.1.    Whatever information, your personal data and address, you share with us will be kept secret until your
travel departure. Your personal data will be kept safe and no third party will be allowed to access it.

7.2     Once you complete your travel program, your personal data will be destroyed.