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Bon religion is one of the most ancient religions of Himalayas. Bon religion predates Buddhism so much. So much that Tibet's religion used to be Bon. It is before Buddhism was introduced in 8th century BC.

The Tamangs and Tibetans especially living in the northern slopes of the Himalayas still practice Bon. The shaman communities in and around Gatlang village located close to Nepal-Tibet border in Langtang region still practice Bonism.

This program embarks on a journey to explore and research the rich cultural heritage of Langtang as well as learns about Bon-ism from Shamans. You will start your trek from Syabru in Langtang region and head towards Gatlang. Gatlang is a stronghold of Bon shamans where you will stay and observe Shaman perform Bon rituals. You will also visit Haku, Nesing, Djray and Chilime villages which all have Shamans who practice Bon religion.

You can directly interact with Shamans and learn about the mystery and myths of Bon religion, indigenous knowledge and cross-cultural relationships.

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