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Gatlang village is located in Rauswa district . This falls, particularly on Tamang Heritage Trail . Gatlang is a famous place. Meanwhile, Padmasambhava meditated in Gatlang for many years to ward off evils.

Gatlang also host the biggest Tashi Choding Choling Monastery in all of Tamang Heritage Trail. The festival of Sakhi Dawa occurs in Tashi Choding Monastery every year, during the month of February. On this occasion, Lama Buddhists get together to observe vigil. They ceremoniously enchant mantras and invoke Buddha in their prayers.

Meditation in Gatlang allows you to practice meditation in the solace and serenity of Gatlang Village. The village is surrounded by dense forests which spring to life with plenty of wildlife activities. Similarly, you can meditate in the banks of Bemdang (Naur) River or near Aama Choding Mo which is an auspicious pond. A 3 hours walk from Gatlang will take you around the ancient caves in Kunkur and Dhukag where Padmasambhava is believed to have meditated. Then you can spend a night here with a campfire. And then head to JyarshaTenjo. Which affords magnificent views of Langtang and Ganesh Himal as well as Tibet.

You can also visit around the holy lake of Noje Lake here. Shamans during the full moon of August especially visit this. The lake is often regarded as a place of fertility and is instantly visited by locals wishing for the same.

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