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Red Panda is a flag species of Langtang National Park. It has been enlisted as an endangered species. Therefore, its preservation has been a top priority.

One has to visit Langtang National Park to research about Red Panda. Researchers and trekkers visit in large numbers every year.

Sighting a Red Panda is a rare activity. One has to be lucky enough so as to encounter these shy yet charismatic animals. They inhabit in the forests of bamboo. Which happens to be their main diet.

The Red Panda Tour starts at Syabru. It goes along the villages of Bharku and Thulo Syabru. Cholangpati below Laurebinayak is an important place for viewing Red Panda. It comes before the lake of Gosainkunda arrives. This is where many of the sightings of Red Panda have been observed. Further, you can trek up to Kutumsang via Gopte.

Finally, Langtang region is the best chance of seeing Red panda.

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