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Shamans in Nepal are customary healers. Their conventional practices and offer are in effect extraordinarily decreased. Network in numerous remote towns of Nepal still view them as a critical individual.

Shamanism is till drilled in many places. Rasuwa District is one such remote place in Nepal . Although, it is at 120km separation from Kathmandu. The area is arranged along outskirt between Tibet/China and Nepal.

The towns of Gatlang, Haku, Nesing, Tiru, Tetanche, Simbu, Tatopani, Bremdang, and Thuman in Rasuwa have a solid nearness of Shamans. The Shamans here have a place with Tamang ethnic gathering and pursue the religion of Bonism. Bonism is a religion that originates before Buddhism. It revolves around the venerating of nature.

Shamans assists Individuals in these towns still to recuperate their torments and infirmities. Instead of to going to a doctor's facility. Neighborhood individuals call them 'Sangtung' or'Bonpo'. Both Sangtung and Bonbo put stock in regular power and love normal elements. For example, trees, streams, mountains, and sun.

Bonpo and Sangtung are on the whole known as Jhankris. Amid the full moon of August, Shamans from these towns make a journey to the blessed lake of Gosaikunda, Parwatikund, and Jaisurkunda. The escort of Shamans moving the distance to the lake and back, reciting mantras and summoning divine beings is an entrancing sight to watch. Sangtung does not play the drums whilst, the Bonpos do.

The Shaman Tour is intended to offer you a chance to visit these Shaman towns. And also take in their one of a kind ways of life with understanding of Bonism and Buddhism. You can likewise encounter characteristic biodiversity and social legacy of nearby Tamang individuals. Tibetan cousins significantly impact these legacies.

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