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Langtang Region especially falls on the border between Tibet/China and Nepal. Moreover it is home of Tamang and Tibetan people.Therefore, people also share similar religion, culture, and lifestyles.

Tamang Heritage Trail is a perfect place to observe the Buddhist culture of Tamang and Tibetan people who live almost side by side. First, the trek starts from Dhunche and passes through Buddhist villages of Haku, Gatlang, Goljung, Chilime, Pachung, Thuman, Timure and finally ends at Briddim.

The Tibetan and Tamang people here follow Tibetan Buddhism. During the month of May and December, Mane festival is observed in all the villages. Community members take a turn to organize the festival which showcases the Buddhist philosophies of Milarepa, Horse races and cultural dance competitions. For seven days young girls and boys across villages engage in exchanging education about lifestyles.

Lhosar is another important Buddhist festival observed by villagers to welcome a new year.

You can also visit 108 monasteries in Gatlang, meditation places of Padmasambhava in Haku, 20 Chortens in Chilime and Goljunng, Mani walls and Gompas. Similarly, Shamanism based on Bon religion which predates Buddhism is also another attraction of this tour.

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