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One of the new and less traveled routes to visit Mt. Kailas is through Hilsa(Simikot). It is a border along Nepal and China (Tibet). This involves crossing the border into Tibet from western Nepal. The crossing involves a few days of trekking on Nepal side.

The journey begins with a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. Then we fly to Simikot. Simikot is a small rag town on the bank of Karnali River. From here on you will have to trek through small settlements of beautiful places. Such as Purang, Yalbang, Tumkot, Yari. It continues until Hilsa arrives. Hisa is close to Tibet (China) border. You will have to cross Nara La Pass at an altitude of 4620m to reach Hilsa. From here a four-wheel drive will come to pick the group.

The journey ahead is on a four-wheel drive. It is towards Rakshas and Mansarovar Lakes. These lakes are sacred sites. Which was once visited by Guru Padmasambhava . The next stop is Darchen . This is a launching point for a kora of Mt. Kailash (Mt. Tise). You will spend the next three days here. You will explore 3 days exploring Mt. Kailash. After that, we return to Darchen. From Darchen it is another 2 days drive. We drive via Saga and Zhangmu to enter into Nepal via Kodari border.

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