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Rasuwa as a whole is far behind in literacy. Similarly, there are very few government schools in the district. They are also poorly equipped. The teachers are not fully qualified. The schools here often lack basic facilities. Which includes toilet, blackboard, course books, stationery etc. Student attendance in these rural schools is quite low. It is because students often have to fulfill their household chores. Approximately 30% of students often drop out before reaching a secondary level. It is mainly due to financial reasons.

The 2015 earthquake have further impoverished the condition of the already poor community here.

We sometime invite international volunteers. Especially to contribute their time teaching in these schools. You can teach a variety of subjects here. English and Maths to Science and Physical Education are must here. Teaching voluntarism lasts from one week to 3 months. During this time you can interact with them. In short, you can encourage and support them. These can help them to turn around their lives. So that they can have a better future .

Schools in different places are available for teaching volunteer activities. Such as Karumrang, Haku, Nesing, Grayand Gatlang. They are open especially for international teaching volunteers on a rolling basis.

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